The Dutch product designer grew up with a great fascination for the Landscape. From this fascination he developed a working method in which he constantly questions the assigned values and the influence of man on his immediate environment. Curiously moving through the present and the past, city and nature, discipline and craft.


Highlights from a range of other experiences, an internship at Feng Chen Wang in London, the Textile Summer School in Kyoto Japan and the Craft Project Ceramics in Jingdezhen China organised by the Product design department at ArtEZ university of the arts, all contributed to a great deepening, acquiring knowledge and insights on very diverse levels. Taken together, these experiences do not only reflect his multidisciplinary expertise, but also the search and exploration of a fluid identity from the perspective of man and material.


'It is the total world and an eye for detail that makes Gijs's work complete.'


His open attitude, rethinking, research, work drive, perfection, hunger for knowledge, interest in commerce, collaboration and networking and unrelenting energy describe Gijs Wouters' strong diversity of design qualities.



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